Star Dispatches Subscription Terms


These terms apply to, and contain cancellation information for, customers who subscribe to Star Dispatches to receive our weekly eRead.  By subscribing to Star Dispatches, you acknowledge that you agree to, have read, and understand (a) these Subscription Terms, (b) the Terms & Conditions of use, and (c) our Privacy Policy. Star Dispatches is published by Toronto Star Newspapers Limited.


1.   How to Subscribe: Go to to subscribe to Star Dispatches. Your Star Dispatches subscription is for a minimum of one month, at a cost of $4.33 plus HST for the month term (this is $1.00 plus HST per eRead). Should you subscribe and agree to receive a subscription bonus, your Star Dispatches subscription shall be for a the minimum six month term.


2.  Payment:  When you subscribe to Star Dispatches, your subscription charges will be billed in equal monthly instalments of $4.33 plus HST to the credit card you provide to us at the time you sign-up. Your credit card will be charged on or about the 15th of each month for the upcoming month of eRead delivery, and, where applicable, any additional eReads that you have received prior to such billing. If you are an existing Toronto Star subscriber, this monthly Star Dispatches rate will be charged in addition to your existing Toronto Star print subscription rate. Your subscription will automatically be renewed for additional one month terms and your subscription will continue until you call us to cancel your subscription as set out under “Cancellation” below. You will be responsible for all fees and charges in connection with your Star Dispatches subscription (including any additional access or data charges that may be charged by your data plan provider). Please contact Star Dispatches immediately with any change in your billing information to avoid an interruption in service and/or termination of your subscription.


3.  Your representations: By subscribing to Star Dispatches, you warrant that: (a) you are of the age of majority in the jurisdiction in which you reside, (b) all information you submit is true and correct (including without limitation all credit card information that you provide to us in connection with your subscription), and (c) you are the cardholder of the credit card that has been applied to your subscription. You further agree (i) to keep your passwords and account access information confidential and not to share it or the eRead content with any other person, and (ii) to immediately notify Star Dispatches of any unauthorized use of your subscription or account. 


4.  Changes to Subscription Terms and Rates: Star Dispatches may at any time change or modify these Subscription Terms or the Star Dispatches product and  subscription rate, including without limitation, distribution  frequency of eReads, or other aspect of the Star Dispatches subscription, upon notice to you.  Any modification to the fees you are charged will apply to you following the end of your then current six month subscription term.  Star Dispatches will notify you in one or more of the following ways: (i) mailing a letter to the billing address you provided to us when you signed up; (ii) sending an e-mail to the email account provided to us when you signed up; (iii) posting on the website; (iv) a newspaper ad; or (v) speaking to you or leaving a telephone message for you. If you do not agree to any such changes or modifications to your Star Dispatches subscription or to these  Subscription Terms, your sole remedy is to cancel your Star Dispatches subscription in accordance with these Subscription Terms.


5.  Cancellation: To cancel your Star Dispatches subscription, please call us at 416-367-4500.    We require a minimum of five days notice prior to the end of your existing Star Dispatches subscription term to cancel your  Star Dispatches subscription. . If you agree to receive a subscription bonus, and you cancel your subscription prior to the six month term commitment for receiving that bonus, you will be charged a $40.00 fee, which represents the cost incurred by Star Dispatches in providing you with your Star Dispatches bonus and is not a penalty.


6.  Termination of your account: Star Dispatches reserves the right to suspend or terminate your subscription and access to the eReads if: (a) the credit card you provide to us is invalid for any reason; (b) you give Star Dispatches and/or its affiliates false or misleading information; (c) Star Dispatches and/or its affiliates does not receive any payment when due; or (d) Star Dispatches has determined, in its sole discretion, that you are in breach of the Terms &Conditions of use or that have used your subscription to Star Dispatches for unlawful or improper purposes. Any such termination by Star Dispatches will be in addition to all rights and remedies otherwise available to Star Dispatches. Your ability to receive your  Star Dispatches subscription is also subject to any limits established by Star Dispatches or by your credit card issuer. If your subscription fee cannot be charged to your credit card or your charge is returned for any reason, including chargeback, Star Dispatches reserves the right to either suspend or terminate your subscription and your access to your weekly eReads.


7.  Customer Service: You may reach our customer care centre at 416-367-4500 or Monday to Friday from 6:00AM ET-5:30PM ET and on weekends and statutory holidays between 6:00AM ET and 1:00PM ET. You may email our customer care centre at